Bell from the Destroyer Sanchez Barcáiztegui

1926. Source:  Francesc Roig Toqués.

The bell from on board the destroyer, Sánchez Barcáiztegui, where Francesc Roig Toqués was helmsman during his military service. When the ship was scrapped, he asked to keep the bell. Even though, as it is a very symbolic element, it is usually given to the last captain that commandeered the ship, this bell was given to Francesc Roig Toqués so that it could be displayed in his museum.

The destroyer Sánchez Barcáiztegui was launched in 1926 and took part in the Spanish Civil War, on the Republican side. The destroyer was named in honour of the naval lieutenant, Victoriano Sánchez Barcáiztegui, who died in battle in 1875 during the Third Carlist War.

Mr. Francesc Roig Toqués used to ring this bell on special days in nautical history, and it became a recognised ceremony: the day the Titanic was sunk (night of 14 to 15 April, the Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805), the Battle of Lepanto (7 October 1571), and also the days of the fishermen’s various patron saints such as Saint Elm (25 November).

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