Second half of the 20th century. Wood and glass. Associació Museu del Mar collection. Donated by Francesc PujadasAltero

AMM – 1213 i AMM – 1253

The fishermen used these boat-shaped baiters to attract the cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are caught with trawl fishing, trammel nets, palangre (long lines with multiple hooks), cages, basket traps…. But years ago, they also used to use gadgets like these baiters fitted with mirrors.

The fishermen used the baiter to attract the cuttlefish towards the stern of the boat and then catch them. The baiters remained immersed in the water thanks to a piece of lead they contained, and they were tied to the stern of the boat that had to travel very slowly. When the cuttlefish saw themselves reflected in the mirrors, they clung together and that is when the fishermen could catch them, with the help of a scoop net that they always had to place behind the cuttlefish, as they propel themselves backwards.

Traditionally, they used to fish “a l’encesa” or with lighting, where they used fire-lit torches, and this light was the only bait they used when fishing with scoop nets.

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