Fishing Platform

An illustration created from the model of the fishing platform by Mr. Josep Ayza, a veteran fisherman with expert knowledge on Vilanova’s maritime history.

On the Vilanova seabed there is a small but rich fishing platform, measuring only 24 kilometres from the coast to the mar de la gamba, 900 metres deep, where they catch the famous Vilanova prawns. It is a place with a rich and varied collection of species, where most of the fish found along the Catalan coast is caught. The fishing areas where the net is thrown are called “caladors”, and they have specific characteristics, defined by the quality of the seabed, the depth, the surrounding rocks and the obstacles delimiting the area. Some of the most important places for casting the nets are Brut, la Trencada, el Pla, la Caroba, la Mar de Nit or de Sitges, Fons de Cunit, Fons de Cubelles, Fons del Pedruell, Fons del Vinyet, Fons de la Sella, Fons de Sant Salvador, els Penyals and la Babaia. It is also important to highlight the sunken airplane and four vessels (the Vaixell de la Carn, els Vapor dels Carros, el Vapor de Caroba and the Barco de Sant Miquel).

Before the days of radars and GPS, the fishermen noted the signs or the points of reference for fishing (mountains, farmhouses, bell towers…) in a book that they kept in a very safe place. The knowledge of these co-ordinates was acquired through the experience of going out to sea, or it could be passed on from fathers to sons.

Plataforma pesquera de Vilanova i la Geltrú