Second half of the 20th century. Wood. Associació Museu del Mar collection. Donated by Olga Fatgini Sentis. Builder: Vicens Tejada Morey.

Model of a small trawling vessel, called BlancaNieves (Snow White) that belonged to Pere Mauri. In 1954 he was involved in one of the rescue operations by the Vilanova fishing fleet.

Pere Mauri, known as “Marrà”, went out fishing in his boat. The engine stopped and the current took the vessel out to sea, and it got lost. For two days, the Vilanova boats looked for it in vain. After those two days, while people were celebrating the Dia de la vellesa festivities on the Vilanova beach, an airplane appeared and dropped down a written message, attached to a wrench. The message said: “The Snow White is twenty miles offshore”.

A group of fishermen went out with their boats to look for Pere Mauri and the lost crew, who were brought home safe and sound to the port of Vilanova.

Vaixell Blancanieves.