Victor Rojas display

In this porticoed section, we find the centenary Víctor Rojas rescue boat. Today it is one of the only three vessels of this type kept in Catalonia.

The design corresponds to its purpose, which was to be prepared to sail in extreme conditions and overcome strong storms. Therefore, it had some particular features such as being self-righting and unsinkable. Also, it was a mixed type vessel as it could be used with oars or sails. It was built in Barcelona by Miquel Corbeto in 1916, and was based on the English Beeching-Peake model (the state-of-the-art in naval technology at the time), although Corbeto added a few improvements.

The vessels of this type had two air chambers, one in the stern and one in the bow, which made it impossible for the boat to capsize. It had a looping rope garland round the hull, where the castaways sat.

The life boat crew were the fishermen themselves. Successfully rescuing castaways depended largely on the bravery, commitment and experience of these volunteers.

The name of the boat refers to Víctor Rojas (1832-1888) from Puerto Rico. He was a fisherman from the town of Arecibo, famous for his courage. He managed to rescue more than two hundred castaways throughout his life, and consequently received many awards from various European countries.

The Víctor Rojas boat arrived in the city in 1925, from Ametlla de Mar, and it was in service on the beach for twenty-five years. Later it took part in life boat regattas until 1957.

bot Víctor Rojasbot Víctor Rojas
Vaixell Víctor Rojas.
Rems Víctor Rojas.